Products & Services

We always try to use American made products from three of the leading American manufacturers. If you have a special request we have access to a large network of low voltage lighting manufacturers.

Benefits of a Rick Chism, LLC designed and installed system:
  • Use of tried and true fixtures that are sturdy, reliable and easy to service.
  • Use of quality lamps for constant color, precise beam control and good life.
  • Designed and installed to facilitate future upgrades.
  • Balanced voltage levels to maximize lamp life and light output.
  • Use of lenses and glare devices to manipulate the light produced from a lamp.
  • No unreliable quick connectors used, only silicone filled wirenuts for a trouble free connection.
  • A timer system that automatically comes on at dusk and cuts off at preset times. No clock to set.
  • Insured
We offer Service Contracts to fit your needs.

Service includes:
  • Timer control adjustment
  • Clean fixture lens and adjust fixture placement as needed.
  • Cut back vegetation and clear mulch from covering fixtures.
  • Check lamp socket condition, replace if necessary.
  • Replace lamps as needed.
  • Adjust tree fixture mounts to allow for tree growth.
Service frequency and cost vary by the size of your system and average hours used each evening. Contact us today for more information.

Rick Chism, LLC Warranty

First year after installation:
  • Wiring
  • Fixtures
  • Stainless Steel Transformers
  • Low Voltage Lamps*
  • Timing System
After the first year:
  • Wiring - 10 years
  • Fixtures - 3 to 10 years based on manufacturer used
Lifetime Warranty:
  • Stainless Steel Transformers
* Low voltage lamp warranty based on moderate use. Bi-pin halogens, 10 Watt MR16's, wedge base and bayonet base incandescent lamps are excluded.

Rick Chism, LLC does not warrant against misuse, abuse, excessive force or acts of God. Wiring cut or damaged by animals or persons are not covered by the warranty. The wiring warranty is voided if fixtures are re-lamped with higher wattage lamps than the system was designed to use.

Lighting Manufacturers

We pride our selves in using only the best products available from the finest low voltage lighting manufacturers. Below are just a few:

Hadco's NightLife landscape lighting has become the preferred choice among architects and professional contractors.
In the span of over forty years, Nightscaping® has invented, pioneered, and dominated the 12-volt outdoor lighting industry.
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is a leading manufacturer of specification grade, architectural, and landscape luminaires.